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Regards, 29 September 2014

About us
c0w's blog is retailer and also a wholesaler online shop for casual and sports wear with a reasonable price. All of our goods are ready stock. We will update our stock availability every day and update our product periodically, so you can check the availability goods you need on this blog.

Minimum Requirement
The minimum requirement for wholesaler is 1 dz for each style.
There is no minimum requirement for retailer :)

Our shipping time is Monday to Friday and Sunday.
Goods will be delivered max 1 day after we received your payment.
We use JNE or MEX as our major reliable and trusted local courier service, and EMS for international customer.
All the air waybill's numbers will be report periodically so you can also tracking your goods via your local JNE agent or just open their website.

Contact Us
Please feel free to contact us for order, further information, or any advice and critics to our phone number: +6287780821699, or our bb pin: 230 27 420, or by e-mail: c0ws_mail@yahoo.com, or join us on Facebook : cows sport.

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